Rules & Norms

Rules 2017

1. Definition

The International Half Marathon Dunes of Fuerteventura is a competitive and also very popular event held on November 4th 2017 at 09:30hrs.

The race course leads through the Natural Park Dunes of Corralejo and start and finish line are at the Shopping Mall Centro Comercial el Campanario.

2. Distances you can choose from

The event offers two distances.


3. Participation and Insurance

Anyone of any nationality between 12(Quintillo 8km) or 16 (Half Marathon 21km) and 75 years of age can participate. No applications from runners younger or older are accepted.

Every athlete is participating under his own responsibility and declares that he is physically prepared for the challenge to run through sand for the mayority of the race course.

The organization recommends every applicant to run through a medical check up to make sure there is nothing that could prevent from athletic activity.

The organization has a civil liability insurance according to the actual legislation.

On top, all participants are covered by an additional accident insurance contracted by the organization.

During the race number pick up every particpant has to present his passport or other valid official document (passport or driving licence).

4. Inscriptions

The inscription is personal and non-transferable. With the application every runner excepts all rules without exemption presented here

as well as the purchase terms.

All prices are presented in the online inscription form linked form this web and can be paid by wirement or credit card as stated during the inscription process.

Inscription to the Intl Half Marathon Dunes of Fuerteventura is 35€

and includes accident insurance and civil liability insurance of the runner,

race number, auxiliary vehicles to support in case of incident, health assistance during the race, three aid stations, finish line aid station, after race pasta party *, physiotherapy service. 

PASTA PARTY   (included for participants of the 1/2 Maratón).

Following our good tratidion, Friday November 3rd at Oasis Papagayo Sport & Family starting at 20:15 hrs the presentation of the event is going to take place for all runners. We will explain latest news and the course. Any remaining questions can be posed. Around 21hrs we will then forward to the hotel's dining room for the Pasta Party *. 

Participants' entrance to the Pasta Party is included in their start fee.

* Company and participants of the El Quintillo can get additional tickets for 10€ per person at the hotel's front desk. 

5. Race numbers and Chip

The organization gives the following material to each participant, which is obligatory to wear during the race: 

Race number / possibly a timing chip

Without race number there will be no timing result.


- 3 first places in general category, male and female

- 3 first places in veteranos category (from 45 years of age), male and female (only for the 1/2 Marathon)


6. Pick up of sweater and oficial merchandising

Everything included per runner (Race number etc.) will have to be picked up at the Shopping Mall Centro

comercial el Campanario during the following hours:

- Friday, November 3rd 16:00h to 20:00h.

- Saturday, November 4th (race day) from 8:00 until 30min before start time of either distance

Missing these hours means the runner will not get his race number and loose the right to participate.

7. Cancelations and returns

In case of extraordinary weather conditions or overwhelming natural force which make the celebration of the event impossible judged by the organization or not, the organization does not take any responsibility and does not return inscription fees or any additional cost a participant may have had related to the event like for example cost of hotel, support etc...

The inscription will be returned in the following cases:

1. If the cancellation of the race is being announced min. 15 days before the oficial race day 50%

of the inscription fee will be returned.

2. During the last 15 days prior to the race there are no returns independent of the reason like accidents, injuries, travels, changes in work hours etc.

3. The participant who cannot take part must not transfer his race number to another runner.

4. Within the last 15 days before the race no changes in the chosen distance of a runner will be allowed.

5. In any of the previously mentioned cases a runner that can't show up loosed the right to get his start number.

8. Security and medical assistance 

The security on public roads and traffic regulation are responsibility of the official safety staff but as the race is celebrated in a natural reserve all runners have to always stay on the official marked course without exception and always respecting the environment.

The race will have medical service and the health staff present is eligible to take anyone out of the race for medical reasons.

It is obligatory to take a mobile phone during the event. The emergency contact numbers will be found on the race number in case this should be necessary.

During race week we will intend to inform about the weather forecast for race day.

Medical services of the race are not responsible for anyone on the race course without inscription.

09. Cut-off times

The control closes at 12:30 am.

10. Mecanical assistance and pick up points

The organization will provide vehicles for assistance, starting from the second aid station and will pick up runners that won't continue due to injury or fatigue.

The authorized vehicles will be identifiably marked during the race.

Being accompanied by any vehicle not related to the oranization will be reason for disqualification.

This assistance is not available for anyone not correctly inscribed in the race.

It can be VITAL to give way to all official vehicles like Red Cross or any other official car. Any runner not giving way to an official car can be denounced.

11. Aid Staions

The race counts with three aid station where the runners will find fluids and food during and after the race.

The staff at the aid staions only allows access to these for inscribed athletes.

Whereabouts of AID STATIONS – ½ MARATHON. 

1. KM 6

2. KM 11.

3. KM 17

Whereabouts AID STATIONS – 8km “El Quintillo”

1. KM 4.

12. Timing

The Intl Half Marathon Dunes of Fuerteventura will run a timing system so every runner will receive his gross time related to the start time of the race.

To correctly obtain the times every runner has to make sure that his race number is attached well during the whole race.

13. Public spirit and respect

The participants accept all articles of these rules and will participate in fair and honest manner respecting the ethice rules of sports and will complete the whole official race course before crossing the finish line.

Fot their own safety and the safety of all others, every runner will intend not to risk his life or the life of any of his fellow runners.

As well, every runner commits to be respectful with the organizers and all participants and any sports material of their own or external.

With the goal to have the minimum possible impact on the environment, the participants will make use of the containers / bins at the aid stations and at strategic points and will not litter at any other point.

14. Personal data.

The particpants in the Intl Half Marathon Dunes of Fuerteventura accept with their inscription that the organizing club - himself or through third parties - accesses the provided personal data, to be able to process any promotional, comercial or sports related tasks.

In accordance with Ley Orgánica 15/1999, from December, 13th, the protection of personal data, the participant has the right to access the provided data to be able to correct or delete them completely.

To do so, a written request has to be send to the address of Club Deportivo Columbus Runner Fuer.

As well and in accordance with the sportive interest of the event in terms of public promotion and development of the Half Marathon Dunes of Fuerteventura (reproduction fotos from the race course, publication of videos, classifications etc.) via any media (television, internet, graphic publications, etc.) and not limited in time, the inscribed give the right to reproduce their name, result, fotos and vídeos to the organization.

If there are any remaining questions not aparent on this page you can consult with:


- General Contact: Roberto Nuñez, Tel. +34 619 3136

- Problems with the inscription: Roberto Nuñez, Tel. +34 619 3136


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